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Veneered parquet core for producers of three-layer wooden floors. The core consists of a spruce rotary cut veneer on which spruce/fir slats are pressed crosswise.

Offered formats:

  • Length

  • 1730-2450 mm

  • Width

  • 190-950 mm

  • Thickness

  • 8,5-14 mm

  • Humidity

  • 6,5-9 %

Veneer timber in various qualities and sizes.

Can be manufactured and delivered:

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3

    Squared timbers

  • 4

    Roof battens

  • 5

    Roof trusses

Pallet blanks 1200x143x22mm, 800x143x22 and similar formats, matter of agreement

Chips from the processing of offcuts from the primary sawing of logs directly from the sawmill as well as of offcuts and waste from the production of parquet core. Wood species spruce, fir.

Sawdust from a primary sawmilling. Clean, moisture content approx. 30-40% suitable for further processing e.g. production of pellets, briquettes etc.

Briquettes RUF, spruce, moisture content approx. 7-8%, packed by 10kg.

Profiled tiling

Profiled tiling

  • 1

    Tatra profile

  • 2

    Small half log

  • 3

    Big half log